Dark Sky Meter
Helps you measure the night sky brightness

The Award winning Dark Sky Meter by DDQ helps you measure the night sky brightness with the press of a button.
Get instant information about the night sky quality and contribute to create a global map of sky darkness.
Featured on BBC Television, CBS.com, Scientific American, Scistarter and many more influential websites and magazines.
At a fraction of the cost of a commercial Sky Quality Meter.
Available for download now!

User comment: Fantastic! Settling the argument with my observing friends over which of our sites is better is worth the $5 all by itself. And if I win the wager for a beer, it will be like getting the app for free.
Jeff Morgan, Prescott AZ

Download the app here!


Clear sky prediction

Based on weather satellites, the app gives you a 4 day cloud cover forecast for your (GPS) location.

📱 iPhone 4S, 5, 5S Supported

Until now, the 4S and up are supported.  The cameras are good enough to provide a reliable measurement. The iPhone 4 is NOT compatible because of its poor […]

Prevent light pollution

Submit and help prevent light pollution. Submit your measurements to our servers for analysis by scientists worldwide.

Measure the sky brightness.

Astronomers: Use it like a Sky Quality Meter. But at a fraction of the price!  

Real time light pollution maps

Insight in Dark Sky measurements worldwide. At your fingertips. Great for amateur astronomers and scientists.

Statistics about sunset, twilight, Moon Phase and weather at your fingertips!