Dark Sky Meter
Helps you measure the night sky brightness

The Award winning Dark Sky Meter by DDQ helps you measure the night sky brightness with the press of a button.
Get instant information about the night sky quality and contribute to create a global map of sky darkness.
Featured on BBC Television, CBS.com, Scientific American, Scistarter and many more influential websites and magazines.
At a fraction of the cost of a commercial Sky Quality Meter.
Available for download now!

User comment: Fantastic! Settling the argument with my observing friends over which of our sites is better is worth the $5 all by itself. And if I win the wager for a beer, it will be like getting the app for free.
Jeff Morgan, Prescott AZ

Download the app here!


iOS 8 and iPhone 6 (plus) support

👤 🕔 September 29, 2014 4

We found an undocumented error in iOS8 and have sent a report to Apple. The app doesn’t function as expected with iOS 8. That’s why we temporarily removed it from sale. We will try to workaround the issue.
The app doesn’t support the iPhone 6 yet. The reason is that i don’t have an iPhone 6 to test and calibrate. As with every new device, it will take some time to test, calibrate and implement the camera sensor.berryjam.ru